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Alone but Not Lonely

Alone but Not Lonely

By Matthew Schroder

 Dearly beloved,

This is the weekend that may mark a significant point in your life. For some it may be your first school dance, the one that you tell you kids about. For others it could be the first time you officially/unofficially go on a date with someone. However, that may not be the case for you. For if you are like me and millions of others out there, you do not have a date to the dance (not necessarily by choice) or maybe you are not going at all. For the girls, this may be because you were not asked and for the guys because you did not partake in the asking. Whatever the case may be, you will be joining the ranks of the many loners on this, October’s Valentine’s Day. However, I recommend that you don’t let this get into your head as a bad thing. Rather, choose to think of it as a chance to make fun of how awkward couples are. Take the time to sit down and really have a roast for everyone who has someone. While all of the other people are on their best behavior for hours on end and draining their wallet for what amounts to about 2 or 3 hours of entertainment, you get to stay at home pigging it out on the couch. But I digress, for in the long run, Homecoming isn’t all bad. Even though you don’t have someone you care about in particular to share the night with, you have the opportunity to share the night with a group of people (each of which whom probably have a date) and maybe participate in a few conversations in between the dances. Therefore, I urge you to consider attending the dance. Even though you are an emotional mess, you ought to go as a way to show people that you are better off without a better half…even if it isn’t true. Think of it this way, you get the opportunity to dance with everyone's date as much as you want without having to make a complete and utter fool of yourself by asking someone with a stupid pun that only half works.

Be strong my little butterflies.

Faithfully yours,



Photo by Jacqueline Knox

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