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Best Binge Watches

Best Binge Watches

By Ryanne Fitzgerald

When it comes to self-control, Netflix is one of the things that doesn’t quite fall in that category. Binge watching has become such a popular theme in society today that not only is it accepted, but applauded. While everyone loves a night out with friends or family, the true definition of a “good night” is staying home in your binge-eating pants and basking in your watching abilities. Yes, binge-eating pants. (You know you have them, and you know you love them). Netflix is scattered with some of the greatest shows this year and it would only be appropriate to share the TOP Six to you all.

1. STRANGER THINGS- Does this really need an explanation? From the intricate plot, to the comic relief from the kids, this show will keep you on the edge of your seat while laughing with a little bit of fright. Season two just came out and Geneva had a three day weekend just to celebrate!  (Not really, but come on, we know your plans Mr. Shelton.)

2. RIVERDALE- This teen drama has taken over the internet and America’s heart with a fun, new cast that loves to connect with their fans. This show is filled with mystery, love triangles, and plot twists like you’ve never seen.

3. UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT- This might just be the funniest show you will ever watch. It is about a young woman who was rescued after 15 years of being held underground. She has barely any knowledge on modern life yet moves to New York City to pursue all her life-long dreams. Her enthusiasm and naivety will no doubt make you laugh.

4. THE PEOPLE V.S O.J SIMPSON- To give an idea on how good this show is, I’ll just let you know that it has won 22 primetime Emmy Awards, which is kind of a big deal. The show talks about the infamous O.J Simpson murder case, and the backstory behind it. For anyone who loves a good mystery, this is for you.

5. THE CROWN- This show takes places in the 50’s and is based off of Queen Elizabeth II and her life from marriage to present day. This show is for a more low-key night, yet the drama and short amount of episodes will keep you intrigued and wanting more.

6. ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT- On a less dramatic note, this is another one of the funniest shows to binge. In my own opinion this show is underrated for how good it actually is. It has been on air since 2003 so it is understandable why it doesn’t get enough attention, but that is not an excuse to not watch it. This show is about a man taking care of his spoiled family and everything that may come in between.

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