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Geneva's New Technology Wizard

Geneva's New Technology Wizard

By Audrey Ryden

Sarah Marsh has worked at Geneva for about five months. Most people know her as the IT person on campus, as they see her helping out with computers around the school. Most people don't know that she used to be a student here at Geneva six years ago, as one of the first graduating class of 2011...

How do you like working at Geneva after being a student here?

 "It's weird, but I love it. It's super weird because none of my old friends [from high school] are here, but it is really awesome because I'm working in a place where everyone loves God.  It's a lot better than what else is out there."

How long were you a student here?

"I went all the way from first grade to high school. I graduated in 2011, in the first graduating class, so I've been here since Geneva started, in 1999."

Was it weird seeing Geneva changed since you used to be here?

"Yes!  When we did the jog-a-thon pep rally [this year], I just started crying because of all the people there, and because of how big the school has gotten. When I went here, there were only about 19 people in my class.  It has grown so big.  I saw Mr. Shelton yee-hawing up there, and I was just in tears in the background. The school is now hitting the goals that we were always trying to hit through Jog-a-thon and the Benefit."

Do the teachers ever pick on you?

 "No, they don't really make fun of me, which I thought some of them would because I was really bad at math.  I thought they would be like "Oh, don't let Sarah touch my computer" or something like that.  But, they haven't made fun of me. One thing that's really made it weird is that they tell me to call them by their first names now, and I am so uncomfortable with that. I still call all of my old teachers like I used to, but if it's a newer teacher that I didn't know and didn't have, then I can call them by their first name."

What is your official title on campus?

 "I am the IT (Information Technology) support, or IT support coordinator. I mostly work with the computers, printers, phones, and laptops on campus.  Most of my job has been getting something that they haven't been able to have, like a new printer or laptop. So then I can set ball in motion, like ordering it or installing it for them.  For example, I know the smart boards need huge upgrades, and we have been behind on that, so I do that sort of thing. Plus, all of these computers [on campus] are donated.  So sometimes they just kind of break down all of a sudden.  I take them with me, take them apart, put the new piece in and then bring them back."

Did you study that in college?

"No, I actually wanted to become a nurse, but I didn't like it. When I was going to nursing school, I saw someone have a seizure, and it really threw me off.  It messed with me completely, and I knew I didn't want to do that. I actually got a job in the IT department at my school, and I loved it so much."

What does a normal day on campus look like for you?

"I get here, normally bringing breakfast. I have a three year old, so my mornings are normally insane before I  get here.  Before I have even finished reading my emails, I start getting people calling me or coming by my desk saying there is something wrong with their computer. If I can fix it right there, then I will, but if I can't I'll take it with me to my workspace in the Grammar building."

Did you have other IT jobs before you came to Geneva?

"Yes. I worked for Abilene Christian University, for two and a half years. After that I worked at a corporate company called Advanced IT Concepts for about three years. The last company I worked for was an internet company called Frontier Communications. Before I started working at Frontier, Mr. Ryden first told me that there might be an IT job here [at Geneva], and I told him I was interested and to let me know about it.  So the whole time I was working there I was thinking that one day I would be working at Geneva. Finally he called me back about the job and I took it."

Were those places not as Christian?

"No they weren't, not at all. I mean, working with people who don't share the same faith as you is always difficult.  Coming here after the other places I worked was just such a relief and a blessing."


Photo by Braden Hall

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