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Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights

By Matthew Schroder and Jacqueline Knox

When non-Texans think about the great state of Texas, usually multiple things come to mind. Among these things are Whataburger, cowboy boots, trucks and of course, football. Football is a staple in Texas. It is part of growing up here. You are either on the field or in the stands cheering on your team. Now normally in Texas, high school football games are on Friday nights, hence the phrase “Friday Night Lights.” This is one of those great Texas traditions.

In the years past, Geneva’s home football games were at the Boerne Stadium on a Saturday afternoon or evening. However, the time to return to tradition has come. Geneva is bringing back “Friday Night Lights.”

Thanks to the booster club and other generous donations, Geneva was able to purchase and install new bleachers. Because of these bleachers, Geneva is now able to host our first home 11-man football game.

After making the switch from 6-man football to 11-man football during the 2015 season (the current seniors’ sophomore year), the team has benefited from a 23-2 record and has made it as far as the second round of the playoffs. We are the reigning district champs and hope to do the same this year as well.

Early on in the season, the football team already has injuries in the double digits (including yours truly). Nonetheless, that is no reason to not join in the festivities and cheer on your home team. Because of all the injuries, many of the underclassmen are being given the chance to not only play, but also start… and they’re doing a bang-up job of it too. Next man up!

 Most of the team’s freshmen and sophomores have taken advantage of the opportunity and have tallied over 500 yards together in just two games. So, there is that much more of a reason to watch the games on account of the chance that someone from your grade is playing, and not just the seniors like with some other schools.

All in all, we need our Geneva Eagle fans to show up to our home games and prove that we are indeed the best of the best. Come to all of the games, bring the kids, bring your cowbells and annoying inflatable whackers, and show your Geneva pride.


Home Football Schedule:

Sep 15 Bracketville @ 7:30

Sep 22 Austin Savio @ 7:30

Oct 20 Brentwood Christian @ 7:30 *Homecoming

Nov 3 Halletsville Sacred Heart @ 7:30

Nov 10 John Paul II @ 7:30


All Photos by Jacqueline Knox

Davis Goes D1

Davis Goes D1