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Come Back

Come Back

By Daniel Grover

“I am so proud of you.”  Karen Wright ended every workout the same way.  You could throw up, pass out, and break your toe, “I am so proud of you.” Its easy to say during August when you don’t have much to lose. But it changes when you are getting shut out at half-time in front of your home crowd. 

This last Friday, if you were fortunate to come to the football game at Geneva at the end, you saw us win over Austin Savio 26-14, but at half time we were losing...badly.

Losing is never fun.  Anyone who says the opposite has not put enough work in to make it hurt.  We entered the locker room down 14-0 at the half.  Silence echoed in the old Grammar school portables.

“I am so proud of you.  But you have not killed yourself every day of summer workouts to come this far and lose.” The mood changed.  We knew we were better than that team.  We knew we were better than that team because we had proven it to ourselves since spring training. 

I looked over at the other sideline with eleven minutes left in the fourth quarter and a glimmer of hope arose inside me.  They were on a knee.  They were tired.

“How you practice is how you play.  We need to be able to practice when we are tired,” Dean Herbort told us just about every practice.

It might not be fun to bust your butt in practice, but there is no better feeling in the world when playing a team that’s gassed and thinking, “We are just getting started.”

The Geneva Eagles won that game 26-14 and we are just getting started.

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Photos by Jacqueline Knox

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