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How to Succeed at Geneva Without Really Trying

How to Succeed at Geneva Without Really Trying

By Matthew Schroder

My fellow Genevians,

            All throughout our schooling days, we are continually told to just try our hardest, but that doesn’t always work for everybody. Some people aren’t as developed up in the cranium, and that’s okay. That’s just the first step though: realizing that there is a problem and that something needs to be done. Therefore, I aim to bring about an entirely different way of thinking. Namely, “work smarter not harder.” However, when I say smarter, I do not intend to say that you ought to snap your fingers and wriggle your nose and suddenly become smart to the level of never having to think again, for if that were the case we would already be in flying cars with radios that don’t just pump out garbage. Instead, what I mean is that in order to succeed, one ought to attempt to completely revolutionize their thought process…and maybe mix in a little bit of cheating the system.

            All in all, there are only eight things on which you should focus in order to prosper in your education and the other boring stuff deserves none of your attention.

1)      Do Your Homework

 Seriously though, just figure it out. There’s nothing like failing a class because you forgot to turn in a critical response.

2)      Pace Yourself

You probably shouldn’t pick every single AP class available at once. You don’t have to take the minimum class load, but you also don’t have to be known for taking the hardest classes.

3)      Be kind

You don’t have to be a teacher’s pet to be everyone’s favorite student. Trust me, it goes a long way.

4)      Write. A Lot

Basically everywhere you go and everything thing you do in life will require the ability to write, and the better you are at writing, the better the chances that you will be successful and attractive.

5)      Also Read

It wouldn’t hurt to read a lot too. There’s probably enough out there to convince you to do so, so I won’t even bother.

6)      Tell Everyone You’re a Genius

At some point you’ll start believing it and everyone else will have to also. It is also super easy to shift blame for bad grades off of yourself.

7)      Wear Glasses

Not sure why, but glasses always make people seem smarter

8)      Become Good at Memorizing.

However much you may hate it or however terrible you may be at it, do as much memorizing as you can because it could completely save your grade… and your life.

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