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The Color Green

The Color Green

By Jacqueline Knox

There are certain things in life that are hard to describe. Since colors are usually used to describe other objects, they are very hard to describe themselves. In an attempt to make an indescribable thing describable, we asked students to describe the color green for us and these were their responses:

“That’s not how language works…” -Senior Scott Janse

“I think of freshly cut grass or camouflage or a forest. Oh money is green.” -Freshman Lana Harrison

“Can I use the color to describe it?” -Junior Ben Ross

“Green is the color that I think of when someone would say fresh or minty. It can signify life or sickness.” -Junior Aedan Petty

“Green is a color that is overlooked because we see it everyday in the trees and grass. But green can be described as fresh and serene. It is not a warm or cool color. It is kind of right there in between the two making it unique. Green reminds me of renewal and new life because it is associated with spring. Springtime is when the flowers begin to bloom and the animals have their offspring.” -Sophomore Lydia Duperier

“When I think of green I usually think of nature such as: grass, trees and plants. I also think of vegetables mainly avocados because they are my favorite.” -Senior Abbey Giddens

“Warm, vibrant, bold and edgy.” -Junior Katelyn Davis

“1. Money. 2. Trees (because money can't grow on them). 3. Almost blue” -Senior Marshall Shults

“Grayish.” -Senior Zach Scott

“I would say it can be dark and swampy but in a different light look bright and natural. Overall it’s a color that represents a peaceful setting.” -Junior Devon Ahrens

“Cool, comforting and earthy.” -Senior Olivia Lipe

“Green is vibrant, alive and fresh. It’s the warm feeling you get when you experience a perfect spring day.” -Sophomore Gillian Loflin

“It is pretty ugly and I associate it with barf.” -Junior Thomas Rykert

“Green is like new things. It is adventure, growth and cultivation.” -Junior Eleanor Galbreath

“Green is a renewing color. It’s fresh and vibrant and represents new life. It’s the smell of fresh cut grass on a spring day but it can also be the piney scent of tall evergreens in winter. It’s versatile and timeless. Everything was green at one point because a lot of things we use came from nature at one point, I think it can be kind of a universal color for nature and growth and serenity and hope.” -Junior Hannah Rose Tong

“Green is normally used in nature, leaves and grass are green. Green is refreshing and clean.” -Sophomore Reese Ferguson

“It’s fresh, spring, alive, and healthy.” -Freshman Emma Grace Erfurt

“Bold, vibrant, edgy, natural, active, fluid, fresh, evolving, renewed and alive.” -Sophomore Sarah Ledoux  

“Ok I have some categories. Noun: meadow and eyes. Verb: energized. Adjective: alive.” -Senior Sara Beth Stolle 

 “Green tastes like broccoli, physically feels like grass, and emotionally feels like sadness because Lewis always wins field day. Green can be a disgusting color or a very pleasant, calming color.” -Senior Grace Zara

"I think it is the color that represents life in every way which is pretty cool. It is wild and vibrant and new yet at the same time it is ancient and peaceful. Mood wise it is maybe not that happy go lucky sort of feeling but rather where you’re feeling spontaneous and just want to drop everything and travel with nothing sort of mood." -Senior Shelby Miller

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