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Best Fall Binges

Best Fall Binges

Sophomore Pauline Rhal and Jackson Young give the scoop on the best shows, currently on Netflix, to binge watch during this cold weather.


New Girl:

A funny and heartwarming series, New Girl focuses on an upbeat and young teacher, Jess, moving into an apartment with three single guys: Nick, a bartender; Schmidt, your modern-day casanova; and Winston (who’s just Winston.) Together, they help each other go through life, dealing with everything from broken toilets and money issues, to romance, family, and unbreakable friendships. New Girl isn’t just about learning how to have fun, but about how deeply people and relationships affect every piece of our lives. (And how to get out of awkward situations, *moon walks away*.) I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to watch something fun, good-humored, and entertainingly whimsical.

The Breakfast Club:

The Breakfast Club is an 80’s John Hughes movie about 5 teenagers (each representing a different clique in high school) who get stuck in an eight hour detention together. Although it’s an older movie, it’s still as relevant today as it was back then- dealing with topics such as suicide, abuse, and overbearing parents. The Breakfast Club taught me a powerful lesson to never judge someone by how they may appear or act because, as the movie states, a person cannot be defined “in the simplest terms and the most convenient definitions.” The Breakfast Club teaches that everyone is deeper than their stereotype, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to watch a movie they don’t only relate to, but can learn from.


Atypical is an inspiring coming-of-age story that stars Sam, an 18-year old on the autism spectrum who decides to become more independent from his family and find a girlfriend. Atypical does an amazing job of not only discussing autism and just feeling awkward, but emphasizes on how no one can ever be society’s definition of normal. It also examines the intricate interactions of a family, and how powerful love truly is. I recommend Atypical to anyone who wants to watch something heartwarming, with just the right amount of drama, and completely random yet relevant Antarctica facts.


Haunting of Hill House

The Haunting of Hill house is a modern remake of Shirley Jackson’s well-known novel. This horror series focuses on an American family who grew up in a haunted house. As adults, they have flashbacks to the suicide of their youngest sister and all the horrible memories that  come from this mysterious and terrifying house. This series has only been out for about a week and half and is already considered one of Netflix’s best. While a very scary and intriguing series it is rated tv-ma so viewer be warned.

The Office

If you have not already seen The Office you have most certainly heard of it. This simple yet hilarious show is about a small paper company in Pennsylvania. Although it may sound boring this show stays funny and interesting through the many seasons. With funny characters and wild personalities this show is sure to keep you on the couch for several episodes. Rated tv-14


Daredevil is a unique and fun superhero show. Matt Murdock, who has been blind since he was very young, is a lawyer by day and a vigilante by night. Because of the unlikely circumstances of his blinding, his other senses have been heightened to a superhuman level and he uses them to fight crime. A great superhero show to binge watch and will keep you glued to your seat. Rated tv-14.  

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