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The Chairs of Geneva

The Chairs of Geneva

At the Geneva School of Boerne, students are very familiar with the different types of seating accommodations. From humanities to assembly, each part of a Geneva student’s day features different seats. Here’s a complete rundown of the chairs of Geneva.

The Classic Curved

Description: A sleek design with a curved back, this chair helps control one’s posture and features a slit at the top that can be used as a handle for easy mobility. With small rotating disks on the feet, this chair sure is an eye catcher.

Color: Navy

Location: Mostly in Math and Language classrooms

The Comfy Lounger

Description: This chair is fitted with comfortable cushions on the seat and back, hence the name “Comfy Lounger.” It also features a unique black metal framework on the back and bottom that helps maintain its lavish figure.

Color: Brownish

Location: Every Humanities classroom

The Elevated Stool

Description: This fine stool includes the legs of the Classic Curved, but has its own unique circular seat on top. The seat showcases a thin faux leather cushion, and some editions of this stool even have an extended back rest that attaches to the bottom.

Color: Grey/Black

Location: Any Science classroom or the Art room

The Simple ‘N’ Sturdy

Description: Only seen in the band or orchestra rooms, this chair is constructed of plastic, and has a framework similar to The Comfy Lounger. While it may seem like a minimal design, this chair is quite reliable and can handle hundreds of pounds.

Color: Black

Location: Band/Orchestra rooms

The Modern Stacker

Description: This chair has been used on the Geneva campus for years, and has a very distinctive shape as well. Its back and front metal legs connect on the bottom, giving it a boxy feel. The back is curved, and it even has a small dotted pattern engraved on it. One convenient aspect of this chair is its ability to stack onto itself very easily.

Color: Navy

Location: MPB, Lyceum


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