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Homecoming Dance

Homecoming Dance

Do you have many unanswered questions about the infamous Homecoming Dance? Well, here are the views of the most legendary Homecoming couple Geneva has seen! Hannah Rose Tong (senior) was asked to the dance by Nathan Zuniga (senior) through a homemade video that was played at one of the weekly Rhetoric School assemblies. Can it get any better than that? Here is some of their thoughts on the ordeal and the upcoming dance.


Nathan Zuniga…

How did you come up with the idea on how to ask Hannah Rose? Was it hard?

The idea of doing a video for the assembly was originally Linsdey Jarvis’, and it was always a possibility in the back of my mind. But to be honest, I kinda dismissed it, thinking it was going to be “too extra”. I was also really nervous. It wasn’t until my friends came around me to help me make it happen.

Did you ask her mom or disregard that detail?

Ummm…Mrs. Tong, can I ask your daughter to Homecoming?

Was it embarrassing at all to make a video to show to the entire high school of yourself, or were you in your natural habitat?

For me, I was in my natural habitat 100%. But there is always this little part of me that thinks whenever I go up and act like a fool in front of everyone there’s at least one person who just doesn’t get it. So yeah, there was definitely fear going into it.

Were you at all nervous that she might not say yes?

I didn’t think she would say no, but there was a little sliver of fear in me that kept saying maybe she had already been asked earlier that morning…that would’ve been super awkward.

How do you plan to pick your date up? What music will you have playing and what’s your sweet ride going be? Also, do you plan on using cologne or the natural musk?   

Well, we’re carpooling in my mom’s car. We will be jamming out to KidzBop 37 and nothing else.  If i’m feeling like it’s a “sink shower” type of day, then it’s that kind of day!

Do you have any nerves about the car-ride over? Will it be awkward?

How could it be awkward when we’re listening to heavily auto-tuned children butchering all of our favorite songs?!

What do you think is the appropriate amount of times to slow dance with your date?

DO NOT BE THAT GUY who asks a girl to Homecoming, dances with her for the first song, disappears for hours and then shows up for a second dance at the last song. Dance with her at least like  five times. I know it seems awkward at first, but just go with it and have fun. Your date is probably thinking the exact same thing!

How important do you think it is to have a date?

No one is forcing you to ask, but I do think it’s an important opportunity. You don’t have to have a “crush” on the person you’re asking, but if you see yourself having fun with them, then go for it! Even if the answer is no, having the courage to go up and ask is half the battle, and there is no shame in riding solo to hoco.


Hannah Rose Tong…

When Nathan asked you, were your nervous or even embarrassed?

Ok, honestly—slightly, just because I hate nothing more than being the center of attention, especially in a room of a couple hundred people. But other than that, not at all. It was so sweet and SOOOO FUNNY!! Nathan is one of my best friends and such an amazing person and I am so excited to go to my last homecoming with him!

At what point in the video did you know he was asking you?

After the video, I kid you not, 50 people came up to me (some I have never spoken to in my life) and asked if I knew he was going to do it. No, I had no idea until he said my name, I didn't get the roses,the La Croix or the tongs! Yes, I’m slow when it comes to those things. Also props to him and everyone who helped him because it is very hard to surprise me.

What has your favorite part about the dance in past years been?

My favorite part about the dance, in the past at least, has been the live performance of cheese puff. Or just laughing when everyone does the two-step to every single song and I still end up messing up.

Do you think it’s wrong to say no if someone asks you?

No, if you have a valid reason like you already planned to not go, or your parents won’t let you. If you don’t want to go just because of who asked you, then yes that’s pretty rude. Say yes because you’ll probably have more fun than you thought, and it takes guts to go up to a girl (I would assume).

Do you have any nerves about the car-ride over? Will it be awkward?   

HAHA, nerves? Have you ever met Nathan? I don’t think I would feel as comfortable in a 20 minute car ride with anyone else! Plus, we have the same music taste and equally angelic voices, so it’s a win win for everybody.

What do you think is the appropriate amount of times to slow dance with your date?   

Okay, I’d say at least four songs. I feel like that’s a good amount. But not all together, ya know? Spread them out. Also the Wobble, Cha Cha Slide and (insert one more group dance, I just cant think of another one) don’t count, just in case you were confused.

How important do you think it is to have a date?   

I wish someone told me this back in freshman year: having a date to a dance is not as important as you think it is. Some of my favorite dances were when I went with my best friends, because I went with my best friends. I mean everyone is going to the same dance, everyone is going to dance with everyone, so it doesn’t matter in the end.

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