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We Have Spirit Yes We Do

We Have Spirit Yes We Do

By Ashton Landis

Monday morning, a Geneva student lies awake in her bed, the clock reads 6:29am, she eagerly awaits the ring of the alarm clock signifying the start of the day. Before the alarm clock can even beep twice, she is out of bed, putting on her retainer and securing her hair into a middle part. She rushes to her closet, opens the door, and grab her favorite plaid shirt. She throws on the shirt, and continues on the search for pants. Shuffling through the pants, she sees jeans, slacks, and then they her eyes lock with the khakis of her dreams. After neatly tucking in her shirt and pulling her socks up to the middle of her shins, she rushes down for a quick breakfast. After eating, she heads for the car. The student freezes, she almost forgot her suspenders and glasses, the horror. She runs out to the car and drives to school. All of this can mean only one thing, Spirit Week is upon us.

After Mondays nerd day, students got in touch with their inner hippie on Tuesday for Spirit Animal Day. The campus was abuzz with animals of all kinds, from dinosaurs to lemurs.

Valentines Day was a hit. Everything in sight was covered in hearts, with red and pink onesies, and headbands with hearts bobbing above, the students really knocked this one out of the park, including some diaper-wearing cupids.

Thursday was gangsters and grandmas day. There was almost 100% participation, there were many creative takes on this theme.  While no "weapons" were allowed that day, there was still a lot of gangsta happening.  

Frat day, the preppiest day of the year. Khakis, capris, polos, and backwards baseball caps were the way to go.


All photos courtesy of Smugmug

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