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Voting for Cohoon

Voting for Cohoon

Even though the presidential election is over and the State of The Union Address just happened your power to vote for a change in your community is coming up.  In fact we have a candidate for judge in our very own Geneva Community.  Mrs. Kirsten Cohoon currently is the city attorney for Boerne, TX, and is running in the upcoming election to be Kendall County 451st District Court Judge. Cohoon is a mother of two Geneva students, Barron, who is in seventh grade, and Mia, who is in fifth. Cohoon is avid about people remembering to vote, even if it’s not for her she would love if everyone would vote. The election date is Friday, March 6, with early voting opening February 20. Here is some insight into our very own candidate:


1. What made you decide to run for judge?

I saw that the Court was in need of change in several different aspects. After diligent prayer, God placed it on my heart to seek the office through this election.  After discussion with Patrick, the kids and our family, we decided to run. 

2. What did your job as city attorney entail?

According to the Boerne Home Rule Charter, I serve as “Chief legal advisor to the City Council, the City Manager, supervisors of City Departments and other City officers and agencies.” (Section 5.02B).  I represent the City of Boerne in all legal challenges brought by the City or against the City in the City’s name. I also serve as the City Prosecutor overseeing the prosecution of all Class C misdemeanors and ordinance violations that occur within the City limits. 

3. What made you want to become a lawyer?

I didn’t go directly to law school after college. I worked in sales for a couple years. I was good at sales but found it lacked the mental stimulation I desired. So, I looked at law school and decided I wanted to be a trial lawyer. A profession where your ability to sale (your side of the story to a jury) meets your intellect and knowledge of the law.  Plus, it provides constant mental stimulation.  If provided an opportunity to change my career path, I wouldn’t. I love being a lawyer. It’s clearly the path God chose for me and it is just beginning!  I have several decades of practicing left! 

4. What made you decide to enroll your children in Geneva? 

God centered classical education, small classes and a loving second home environment.

5. Do you feel as though Geneva is preparing your kids to one day follow in your footsteps, if they choose to do so?

Yes, if they so choose.  Although, I think Barron is more inclined to follow an engineering path rather than that of the law.  Mia, however, would make an excellent lawyer; she seems to have talents in debating (particularly with her parents).

6. What is your stress reliever?


7. Since you run marathons, what was your hardest race to prepare for? 

 The Boston Marathon (which also happens to be my best time as well). Hard work paid off with a 3 hour 26 minute marathon time (less than 8 minutes per mile). 

8. If you could describe Boerne in one word what would it be and why? 

Home.  I moved from place to place as a kid, never finishing at the same school I started (until college).  I yearned for that feeling of family.  Sunday dinners spent with loved ones.  Spending hours in the grocery store just because you run into friends.  Home is comfortable and I have found that comfort in Boerne.  I am excited to have finally found a forever Home.     

9. What is your most interesting fact about Boerne as a descendent of one of its founding families? 

My great grandfather, Henery Haag of Kendalia died when he fell out of tree hanging the first telephone line in Kendall County (they hung them from trees back then).  The eldest son (my great uncle Joe Haag) and my great great grandparents (Fritz and Lottie Haag) helped raise the girls and tend the family farm (My Great Aunt Lillie and Bertha and my grandmother Ida).  

10. Is there anything else you would like to share with us? 

I would like to remind everyone reading that voting is one of our most precious rights as citizens of this great State (and nation).  It is so important to VOTE.  Most people on this earth are not afforded this right and if we do not exercise it we could eventually lose it (like anything that is not practiced or used).  I would love to have your reader's vote; however, I would love it even more it they would remember to vote.  VOTE VOTE VOTE!  Early voting begins on 2/20/18 and runs until 3/2/18.  Election Day is 3/6/18.  Last day to register to vote is Monday, 2/5/18.


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