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The Feeling of Warmth

The Feeling of Warmth

There are certain things in life that are hard to describe. Since feelings are usually reactions to other objects, they are very hard to describe themselves. In an attempt to make an indescribable thing describable, we asked students to describe thefeeling of warmth for us and these were their responses:

"Comfort" - Senior Grace Zara

"It's nice"- Junior Grant Williams 

"The sensation one gets when they receive sensation from their nervous system." - Junior Ethan Houser

"Like a wave of comfortable heat that feels cozy?" - Sophomore Mackenzie FitzGerald

"Your hand thrusted against a frying pan is pretty warm" -Sophomore Eric Drees

"Its pretty chill version of hot" - Senior Jax Roberts

"its a warm feeling. That's it." - Junior Matthew Schroder

"Sexy and smooth." -Sophomore Anson Eggers

"The feeling of SNUGGLES." -  Junior Gabi Griffey

 “Warmth can be hard to explain. It’s not a definition, but a feeling. A concept that brings most some sense of nostalgia. Here is a try to explain in my best effort the feeling of warmth.


The feeling of the sun soaking your skin, zapping you into a deep sleep for the upcoming night.

The feeling of loving someone, and simply having them love you back.

The feeling of sitting in front of the fireplace, after a long winter night outside.

The feeling of a loved ones arms wrapped around you, knowing that everything will be alright.

The feeling of riding in a Jeep, windows down on a hot summer day, letting the breeze carry your hands.

The feeling after stuffing yourself with with a home cooked meal, laughing with family until your cheeks start to hurt.

Warmth is not pain, is not hurt, and is not blue.

Warmth is chasing the sunlight with your camera, enjoying life without having a clue.

Also pee is warm so...” - Freshman Ryanne Fitzgerald 



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