Induction Dreams

Induction Dreams

 Since you were in Logic School you’ve always dreamed of the day to be inducted into a house. The feeling of being part of a family at school seemed like a dream come true. Once you got to 8th grade you started counting down the days until Induction.

         Finally its here, the big day you’ve been waiting for. I remember being so excited and once I got in the MPB and saw the crowd, I panicked. I had mixed emotions when all of the houses were screaming and excited so I felt better. One by one each of my friend’s names had been called and I was one of the last few. Sitting there impatiently I hear my name called, at that moment my heart was beating out of my chest. I got up and ran to the front hoping I wouldn’t trip.

         Once I got up there with the whole crowd looking on, the Sayers house came and collected me.  It was such a nice feeling knowing I now had people older than me to talk to in high school. But I was also relieved to be sitting down and watching other friends get called up. Although it was a little scary not knowing anyone, we played a game to get to know everyone better.

                  This was the one day the freshman were the center of attention. Once everyone got to know each other a little better each house had a lunch where you got to bond even more. This day was beyond fun but also super helpful, it calmed lots of nerves I had of high school. The total outcome made me look forward to high school even more than before.  Here are some of the current eighth grader's takes on induction.                                                                                                                 


Q: What house do you want to be in?

   A: Lewis because of their sports theme and friends - Kevin Vogt

   A: Milton - Ainsley Plesko

   A: Lewis - Sophie Cornelius 

Q: What have you heard about the houses?

   A: Chaucer is the smart people house - Emmy Hamilton

   A: Milton is the party house - Ainsley Plesko

Q: What are you looking forward to most on induction day?

   A: Meeting highschoolers - Kevin Vogt

   A: Spending time with seniors - Brooks Fessler

   A: Games and food - Chloe Higgs

Q: If you already know your house, which house would you rather be in?

   A: Sayers - Cassidy Egli (Chaucer)

   A: Sayers - Bailey Lyons (Chaucer)

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