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The Bald Eagle: Mr. Shelton breaks down the excitement and shenanigans of this week.

Welcome students and parents of the class of 2022! I hope you had a fun day today and are excited about rhetoric school. This is the first of your Bald Eagles, the weekly RS newsletter. Until you finish this school year, you will receive both the “Logically Speaking” and “Bald Eagle” newsletters. [Most people memorize theirs on a weekly basis or else have family discussions about the weighty subtext.]

House Induction News: Well, another House Induction Day has come to an end. If you missed it, you missed:

Chaucer defeating the forces of evil with their new super heroes;
Milton doing “stranger things” and welcoming all new “elevens:”
Sayers slaying dinosaurs and leaving their handprints on the cave wall;
Lewis spending a “fortnite” welcoming players to their squad.

If none of that makes any sense to you, then you obviously have never been to an induction ceremony. All of the houses’ deans, captains, and parents (especially those diehard parents—you know who you are!) are to be commended for all of the hard work and spirit that went into making today special…from the decorations to the behind-the-scenes work to the fantastic lunches!

Some further highlights included:

Milton winning the new inductee beach volleyball tournament;
Sayers winning the “anybody can play” beach volleyball tournament;
Chaucer winning the four corners beach ball game;
Lewis winning their first Quidditch match (third in the 8th grade tournament).

Mr. Graham GQ Interview

Mr. Graham GQ Interview

The Bald eagle: Mr. Shelton takes a look at the visual age of our society.