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Goodbye for Summer

Goodbye for Summer

FAREWELLS are always hard.   But they don’t have to be sad.  With our website pausing and new stories suspended until the fall it will barely feel like we left at all.  We look forward to next year bringing you bigger and better stories than ever before.  But, until then you have to wait.  So we here at the Geneva Quarterly website staff are signing off.  So long, farewell and goodbye.

Jacqueline Knox and Daniel Grover -Website Executives

Jayne Goodman and Gabi Griffey - Editors of Content

Luke Bower – Editor of Photography

Goodbye to our Magazine Seniors (Lauren Jarvis, Emme Owens, Ruth Wacker, Carissa Georgelos, and Audrey Ryden).

Video by Anson Eggerss, Luke Bower, and Jackson Young

The Bald Eagle: Mr. Shelton gives a comprehensive look at the summer reading ahead for the Rhetoric students.

Mrs. Ryden GQ Interview

Mrs. Ryden GQ Interview