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Rob's Mob Boosts School Spirit

Rob's Mob Boosts School Spirit

With themes posted at the beginning of the year, posters made early on in the season and an overall excitement in the student body, most high schools have crazy student sections. Having students show up on Friday nights dressed all goofy and screaming until they no longer have voices is a normal thing at most schools. 

If you have ever been to a Champion or a Boerne football game, you know exactly what I am talking about. The designated student section is jam-packed full of kids who are screaming the entire game and never sit down. 

However, Geneva has never really been like that. Maybe it was the fact that our student body is tiny compared to that of Champion or Boerne or that we just hadn’t taken initiative as a school to get something started. But this year, that changed.  

If you have been to Geneva Eagles football game this year, you have definitely noticed that something is different compared to last year. There is a little more excitement in the air, a little more paint on people’s faces and a whole heck of a lot more spirit. 

After watching a bunch of students come out to support at St Mary’s Hall but then spend the entire game sitting down and not paying attention, juniors Margaret Vina and Gillian Lofflin knew that there needed to be a change.

“While cheering I had always wanted our student section to have tons of spirit, since pretty much all of our sporting events were super low key. Since I decided not to cheer this past year I wanted to take a stand and be able to dress crazy, yell loud, and take fun pictures,” Vina explained.

Lofflin went on to add, “We really wanted the football games to be filled with chanting and cheering. We wanted to go all out with the themes to show people how fun it is to go crazy.”

The two girls approached Headmaster Rob Shelton with ideas to make the games more fun and spirited. He jumped at the idea and thus spirit club was born. 

Now, with a group of over 25 senior and junior girls, spirit club has managed to turn our student section from an absolute snooze fest into a party. Not only is this great for all of our athletes, it also provides a fun environment for the students to be a part of. So far, yelling cheers at the top of my lungs surrounded by students all doing the same has been one of the best parts of my senior year. 

It is so awesome to watch all of the seniors step it up to lead “Rob’s Mob,” the name we gave our student section. Seniors Gabi Griffey, Aisling Ayers, and Thomas Rykert have been a huge part of leading the student section during football games. They are constantly coming up with new chants and getting everyone else pumped up. Daniel Grover takes over during the volleyball games, leading everyone in chants and making it a fun environment for all of the students. 

I am extremely proud to be a big part of making spirit club happen. It brings a lot of joy to my heart watching my fellow classmates go crazy and embrace the goofiness of being a high school student. Also, it is a legacy that my grade will get to leave behind. We will always be known as the senior class that hyped up the student section and got everyone to go crazy on Friday night. 


Photo by Gillian Lofflin


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