The Amazing Geneva Quarterly Staff

A puzzle: something composed of hundreds of pieces combined to make a beautiful mosaic. This is what the GQ staff is. 


Becky Ryden (Adviser)

The mastermind behind the amazing, world wide, award-winning Geneva Quarterly, Mrs. Ryden loves Hemingway, castle cookies, typography and calling people who whine, "Princess."


Ruth Wacker (Executive Management Editor)

Executive editor and fourth year staffer, Ruth Wacker is a Goodwill enthusiast. She is also very experienced in the art of dread-locking and the proud owner of the infamous Wackermobile.


Rob Shelton (Rhetoric Headmaster)

Mr. Shelton is starting his eleventh year at Geneva. Prior to becoming our Rhetoric School headmaster, he developed his own line of hair care products...until "the incident"...


Carissa Georgelos (Executive Design Editor)

Fourth year staffer and executive editor, Carissa Georgelos is planning to attend Harvard Law School. She is also the co  founder of the NSS (National Sarcasm Society).


Emme Owens (Executive Content Editor)

Fourth year staffer, Emme Owens laughs at everything. She will also forever be known as that one blonde girl who didn't think Paul Revere was real and is willing to admit that for all to see. 


Jacqueline Knox (Photography Editor and Website Editor)

Third year staffer and Photography Editor, Jacqueline Knox is quite the catch. She aspires to one day be a contestant on Family Feud. Sharks are her favorite animal and she would gladly jump into shark infested water. 


Nathan Young (Editorial Editor)

Third year staffer, Nathan Young brings a little spice to the table in the form of not talking very much and aspiring to be Batman. He's a decent writer, and he likes telling people to use its instead of it's... there, their, and they're are also fun.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Nathan Zuniga (Calliope Editor of Content)

Editor and third year staffer, Nathan Zuniga is pretty much the most incredible person you will ever meet. He is extremely selfless and humble and verry gud at spelleeng. No this bio is not ironic at all.


Daniel Grover (Head of Marketing and Website Editor)

Son of Terry and Gretchen Grover and third year staffer, Daniel Grover graces the staff with his presence as Head of Marketing. When described as an ice-cream people chose pecan praline to represent him.


Anna Riedlinger (Photoshop Editor)

Anna spends most of her time making unfinished paintings and traveling through the dark underbelly of Boerne, Texas. She eats mostly pop tarts and soup, but is not always adverse to a vegetable.


Aisling Ayers (Indesign Editor)

Aisling may or may not be wearing a necklace that says "mom" on it but that is beside the point. She proudly prefers tomato juice as her optional bevrage on airplanes. Her first piece of jewelry was a lizard watch in the first grade.


Anson Eggerss (Photoshop)

Anson "The Eggman" Eggerss has attended Geneva since kindergarten and is proud to be in "The Guild." He is a talented and handsome drummer, and loves using photoshop.


Alexa Georgelos (Indesign)

Alexa Georgelos is a freshman on the indesign staff. You may recognize her from the photo above.


Luke Bower (Photography)

xodinrlkwenrgvxaechgvcjwijhmasegfjavarwurfopf,fncgwsalkjashnnfd640%mngefjhgwfahsrtgcvuytrw@jhtuyty. Sorry, he apologizes for the previous comment, he wrote it after looking at the solar eclipse. 


Gracyn Freiling (Editorial)

Gracyn is a proud chocoholic and binge watcher of "Friends." She was voted most likely to be late to her own funeral.


Braden Hall (Photography)

Photography staff member, Braden Hall, would like everyone to know that no one was harmed during the making of this photo except for her mother's slight panic attack at the site of her daughter climbing over the side of the Grand Canyon.


Ashton Landis (Photography)

As a first year staffer, Ashton wants you to know that her favorite color is blue and her spirit animal is a butterfly.  She likes yoga and enjoys playing guitar in her free time. 


Jayne Goodman (Indesign)

Jayne claims to be on indesign staff but really it is just her cover she uses for the FBI. Shhh don't tell anyone.


Audrey Ryden (Photoshop)

Audrey is trying to get her life together by joining the GQ staff as a senior. While other teenagers are applying to college and becoming millionaires, she is at home trying to figure out how the snooze button works.


Ryanne Fitzgerald (Indesign)

First year staffer, Ryanne Fitzgerald is a proud owner of light pink crocs and her favorite tree is either a white oak or a sycamore.


Charlotte Walker (Foreign Correspondent)

Inspired by her Geneva education, Charlotte is actually spending her sophomore year searching for the Holy Grail, visiting with the Greek gods, taking art classes from Michelangelo and sailing the Aegean Sea with Odysseus.


Jackson Young (Editorial)

Jackson Young is a brand new addition to the staff. When ordering pizza, Jackson prefers sausage and pepperoni peppers. He does not enjoy having to write bios about himself. 

2017-06-17 21.16.29.jpg

Lauren Jarvis (Indesign)

Lauren is a senior on indesign staff...but most people (*cough cough* Aisling) still treat her like a freshman.


Gabi Griffey (Editorial)

Gabi is on editorial staff. Hobbies include: reading horror books, eating chocolate and pho, being obsessed with coconut oil, quoting "Nacho Libre" and dominating at subway surfers.

Sydney Dennis (Photoshop)

Freshman, Sydney Dennis is new to staff. Her spirit animal is an ostrich and she hates vegetables with a burning passion. 


Matthew Schroder (Editorial)

If Matthew were a superhero his name would be Zero-Cool and his superpower would be enhanced telekinesis. A late bloomer to journalism, per se, he now holds the title of assistant to the editorial editor.